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10 Easy Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

When it comes to beating the summer heat, everyone has different methods. Lifehacker suggests to forget the temperature and that research shows people were more prone to heat exhaustion when they knew the numeric value of the temperature. With all the different theories out there, is going to take a look and compile a list of 10 heat remedies that actually work.

Hydration is Key - First and foremost, if you are heading out into the summer heat, get hydrated and stay hydrated. Cold water is the first choice but tea and other sugar and caffeine free beverages will work to help maintain a comfortable body temp. Don’t forget soda and sports drinks can help, but they don't work as well. There is no need to drink large amounts.  Just listen to your body, keep drinking when you are thirsty and you’ll be cool.
Try Something New - Our second idea comes from Reader's Digest as they recommend taking the sheets and pillowcases off your bed, bagging them up and throwing them in the freezer. A couple hours in the freezer before bedtime and your sheets will be chilled and and ready for your restful night. They also recommend sticking cold packs under sheets and in pillowcases to keep the cold going throughout the night.
Ice is Nice - Third on the list and our personal favorite is finding the areas of the body where major blood vessel are closer to the skin and applying cold packs. The best areas are the back of the neck, on the inside of the forearms and finally the inner foot/ankle. When overheated, place a cold pack on one of these areas for just a few minutes and you’ll notice instant relief. Keep the pack applied until you reach your desired body temperature. This method is simple and effective in a pinch.
Small Protein-Packed Meals - Chilling at No. 4 on our list is a suggestion from Eating multiple small meals instead of one large meal will help to keep you cool during your travels. When eating smaller meals, you typically ingest fewer carbohydrates and sugars, which raise you body temperature when consumed. Expanding on this point we also suggest to eat as healthy as possible when you're enduring the heat. Easily digestible proteins, vegetables, and unprocessed grains burn fast and will not cause as big a spike in body temperature as fatty or sugary foods.  
Dressing For Success -  Choosing the right clothing for the temperature occupies the fifth slot in our list. When it's hot your body wants to produce sweat to naturally reduce heat through evaporation. If your clothes aren't designed to breathe this will hinder the amount of sweat evaporation you receive. The best option is cotton, it breathes and allows the sweat on your skin to evaporate cooling you off. Try to avoid the majority synthetic clothing because it acts like insulation, raising your body temperature.
Do-It-Yourself A/C - The No. 6 pick on our list is building your own personal air conditioning unit. This takes a little ingenuity but if built effectively, it will provide long term relief from the heat. There are different ways to construct your own unit, but all you will really need is something cold and a fan. For our home unit, we used a small fan and a big bowl of freezing water. We put the bowl on the table and set up a fan on a few books behind the bowl. Presto! The cold air lasted until the water reached room temperature. Figure out what works for you, try using various items such as ice packs, frozen bottles, a cooling coil and anything else you can think of that will hold the cold.

Ice Baths/Cold Showers - No. 7 is simple and straightforward, coming to us through U.S World News. Take multiple cold showers through the day to help regulate your body temperature. As long as you aren’t traveling to a region experiencing a water shortage, this is an effective and efficient way of beating the heat. Not only will this remove excess sweat, you’ll feel clean and refreshed.
The (Peppermint) Ice Spray - Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to our No. 8 pick. Take a spray bottle and fill it with water, then put it in the refrigerator. Spray yourself whenever you feel over heated. Apply to the places we mentioned in our third pick including the back of neck, forearms, inner thighs, temple and the inner foot/ankle area. You might want to try using peppermint tea in your bottle. In addition to the cooling of the liquid, the menthol in it provides a cooling sensation for your skin.
Beat the Heat with….Heat? No. 9 on our list seems to defy logic, but you can also try eating spicy food to help regulate your body temperature.  When you eat spicy food, it makes you sweat and increases circulation without dramatically raising your body temperature. As we mentioned before, the body dissipates heat through sweat. This is one reason why cultures that live in traditionally hot climates usually include an abundance of spicy food throughout their diets.
Head For Cover - Our last recommendation is to stay in the shade.  When you're out in the heat, avoid being exposed to direct sunlight whenever possible. Seek refuge inside when you can, but if you’re outside try to find shade under a tree or bring an umbrella. In addition try to avoid the mid-day sun (from 10 am to 4 pm). This single tip can turn an unbearable day into a tolerable one.