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Nova Scotia: Canada's Secret Travel Gem

One of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the Northeastern Region of North America is Nova Scotia, which is Latin for New Scotland. The natural beauty of the province is evident upon your first boat cruise to the second-smallest province in Canada. In the Bay of Fundy there are over 15 species of whales that come to the area to feed on plankton, play and mate. They make themselves highly visible during their activities, almost welcoming you to the province. As you get closer the 300 foot sheer ocean cliffs make their presence known, as the constantly assaulting waves make for unforgettable vistas. The Annapolis Valley welcomes you with open arms as you make landfall. Set between two mountain ranges, the Annapolis Valley gives postcard like backdrops to enjoy while you participate in the seemingly endless activities of Nova Scotia.

The major reasons for Nova Scotia becoming a premier getaway destination are the richness in the local culture and the wide range activities. Take for example the long and storied vineyards that Annapolis Valley is known for. Since the 1600’s grapes have been grown here and turned into wine. This long history has translated into a large number of wineries that are open to you and  the public. There are many guided tours you can take through the lush valley. The tours will bring you to visit multiple vineyards and sample some of the best wine in North America.

Beyond the wineries, if you're looking for some more family-centric events and places to take in the Annapolis Valley wont disappoint. A great place to bring the family is the Fundy Geological Museum. This detailed and exciting experience takes you on a tour of the history of the area. Learn what dinosaurs roamed the area, how they lived and what eventually destroyed them. The museum also does an extensive study of the sheer cliffs of the Bay of Fundy. The cliffs are the result of the highest tides on the planet, exposing rock layers from the distant past.

Another great place to take the family is Upper Clements Amusement Park. This amusement park will deliver a thrilling experience with the memorable backdrop the valley provides. The outdoor park has roller coasters, flume, bumper boats and water park. On site the park has a variety of food for multiple tastes, different events and even shopping, to help entertain all the people in your family. 

Standing ready to make your Nova Scotia experience the best it can possibly be is the Old Orchard Inn & Spa. The location of the resort places you right in the middle of all the activity of the Annapolis Valley. Accommodations here numerous and include over 100 guest rooms, customizable attached rooms, private cottages and romantic parlour rooms with breathtaking views of the Bay of Fundy. After you work up a hunger taking in the sights and sounds of Nova Scotia, let the Old Orchard Inn & Spa be your destination for dining. No matter the meal the resort offers a range of menu options, set in different settings to help maximize your experience. Last but not least is the on site spa. This wonderful feature of the resort offers you massages, relaxation therapies and rejuvenation techniques that will leave you ready to tackle any adventure you decide to go on.

One of the best ways to reach the province is via boat. The ultimate boat trip to the island is via Nova Star Cruises. The cruise runs daily from Portland, Maine to Nova Scotia, Canada. They offer you the option to drive on like a normal ferry but they also accommodate guests without cars as a cruise ship. If you choose a car trip they can fit almost any vehicle and will charge you depending on vehicle length. There are 162 private cabins available for you to rent, these rooms have work areas, beds, private bathrooms and can comfortably fit up to four people. You can choose where on the ferry your room is located, thus changing the view you get from your room. There is also the option to sit in one of 254 airplane style seats. The cruise is an all inclusive experience with a number of bars and restaurants to enjoy. Not to mention the on board entertainment such as casino, shopping center and spa.