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Find Fresh Fare at The Briars Resort and Spa

More often than not, restaurants advertise fine cuisine comprised of “fresh ingredients.” Still, there are times when you can’t help but wonder if that spicy marinara sauce came from a can or if those steamed vegetables were retrieved from a freezer. Though many establishments promise fresh fare, the taste doesn’t always measure up to the talk.   

You’ll never have that problem at The Briars Resort and Spa, which spices up all its meals with the aid of their 100-year-old herb and vegetable garden. Sample their culinary masterpieces in the dining room and Drinkwaters Lounge. By putting these fresh garden gems into the hands of passionate and experienced chefs, The Briars ensures an eating experience you’ll never forget.

Bursting with organic ingredients, the onsite garden supplies diverse and delicious meal options. Seasonal vegetables and herbs include heirloom and cherry tomatoes, zucchini, beets, celery root, jerusalem artichokes, parsnips, carrots, and garlic. Sample an enticing salad, which features fresh cabbage, kale, peas, onions, and a variety of lettuces.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with rhubarb-centered confectionery like jellies, jams, and homemade  pies. Adding to the sweetness are the maple trees, which help create candies and syrup with their velvety sap. A final saccharine touch is the crab apple trees, which yield delectable jelly, a perfect pairing with pork tenderloin.

Spicing up all dishes are the palate pleasing items from the herb garden. Helping create these garnishes and vinaigrettes are bountiful bunches of basil, cilantro, tarragon, rosemary, and parsley. These subtle accent notes are truly the cherry on top of already exceptional meals.

“I have to say that the food was simply outstanding,” guest Angel Rebel said. “Everything we ate was delicious from the salads to the dessert. However, the one thing I simply cannot get out of my mind is the sticky toffee pudding with butter caramel dessert. It is by far the best dessert dish I have ever had.”  

The chef behind the cuisine is Trevor Ledlie, who has been sharpening his culinary skills at The Briars for 15 years, so he understands very well the dining experience guests are after. With his first foray into the kitchen at the age of 13, Ledlie has been perfecting his craft for years.  

“The Briars Chef Trevor Ledlie and crew prepared all of our meals to perfection with presentations and flavors to fall in love with,” guests Bud and Eva Rungi said. “The main courses are at least as good as - and, in most cases, better than - any we’ve had on our travels.”  

Enjoy all these dishes in the relaxed atmosphere of the dining rooms, which are accented with crisp linens, silver-plated cutlery, and decorative flowers or plants. Even the decor is fresh, as the colorful flowers - which include dahlias, roses, tulips, and more - grow in the garden.

Featuring fresh ingredients from their onsite garden, The Briars Resort and Spa, along with their expert chefs, ensures an unforgettable eating experience.