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Authentic Ranch Retreats Made for Adults

The Colorado Cattle Company’s experience is as enjoyable as its name is alliterative. That is to say, it’s very enjoyable. But what else would you expect from a luxury ranch whose motto is “Where our Guests are the Cowboys?”

While there are hundreds (if not thousands) of resorts throughout the United States that target families, significantly less focus strictly on adults, and unfairly so. Adults without kids are just as entitled to a vacation as families are. Enter the Colorado Cattle Company, where adults can find peace, relaxation, and tons of fun.

Immediately upon your arrival, you’ll notice the charming log cabins and the beautiful horses, your companions throughout your stay. Whether you’re familiar with the creatures or couldn’t tell a filly from a Philly, the knowledgeable experts on staff will educate you to the best of their ability. There are over 80 extremely well-trained and well-mannered quarter horses on site, and each comes with a staff recommendation of a skill level that they’re best paired with. Some are docile and meant for beginners, while others are younger, wilder, and highly spirited, best suited for more experienced riders. Regardless, the professional cowboy instructors will make your life easy.

Deep down, everyone has the desire to be a cowboy or cowgirl. There’s something transcendental about a ten-gallon hat, a pair of spurs, and lassoing a runaway steer. CCC seeks to simulate this experience for each and every one of its guests, and it succeeds with flying colors. Owners Tom and Darcy Carr advertise it thusly: “Have you ever dreamed of being John Wayne or Calamity Jane for a week? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the old west as the cowboys did before us. We don't just recreate cowboy life, we live it.” Needless to say, if you wanna ride off into the sunset, this is your place.

Of course, you won’t be spending all your time out on the trail. Every now and then you’ll have to return to the lodge for some well-deserved R&R, and while you’ll certainly want to stay on the trail as long as possible, the lodge’s opulence and tranquility will make the transition an easy one. Amenities in the lodge include an indoor pool, hot tub, gift shop, coffee bar and snack area. Guests sleep in either the log bunkhouse comfortable beds and rustic sensibilities, or in one of the charming log cabin duplexes. Whichever you choose, you’ll absolutely love it. 

As their mission statement so eloquently states, “The Colorado Cattle Company and Guest Ranch is a family who takes great pride in the care of our animals and stewardship of our land, giving thanks to God for the abundance we have been given in order to enjoy our lives, share that enjoyment with others, while fulfilling our guest’s dreams along with our own.” Even if you knew nothing else about it, that creed would bring to mind an establishment founded on the values that make any company great. Why not make it your next adult getaway?